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909.58% lift in organic traffic for healthcare clinic

We helped a healthcare (alternative) clinic gain more organic traffics to their website and on page 1 of Google search results for their target keywords by doing white hat healthcare SEO (search engine optimization).

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The Client

Yi Therapy is founded, owned, and operated by Simon Huang, the founder of SimonWYHuang. Yi Therapy is an alternative healthcare clinic located at Downtown Toronto that's focused on performing manual osteopathy. The goal is to relieve body pain for as many people in Toronto as possible through healthcare SEO service.

Our agency was hired to drive more organic traffic and increase Yi Therapy's qualified leads flow. Within twelve months of hiring us, we increased their traffic by over 900% and helped them attract more qualified leads by understanding and strategically creating content around their target client’s interests and needs.

The Plan


Every one of our client works begins with a website audit, so we can understand what's been done previously and forget a strategy forward. Alternative medical clinic is a very competitive space, especially in Downtown Toronto. For a brand new business, it's extremely hard to get noticed.


Realizing that the website had a lot of technical and content issues, we decided to educate the client about the importance of "marketing funnel". The website had very thin, low-quality content. Our first priority was increasing the quality and presentation of the content published on site. We started by identifying which pages to update, refresh or rewrite and which pages needed to be deprecated.


To properly bring in new website visitors, we need to fix the issues found during the audit and come up with a better design so they don't leave. There was a lot of fractured information spread across multiple service pages that needed to be combined into one authoritative page. We needed to succinctly describe the firm’s core service offerings while optimizing the on page copy for search.


At the end, the client would receive a website that has proper architecture and the complete guideline to creating contents at all stages of funnel. Needed to condense and establish the categories that we wanted to create content around, based on their target audience. This would enable us to create topical depth and logical information architecture, which we could formulate a content marketing strategy around.

Political SEO Planning Phase

The Execution

Political SEO Measurement Report

Measurement plan

You can't do any healthcare SEO if you don't have the right data. Our client did not have Google Analytics, Google Search Consoles and Google Tag Manager installed. So we got those set up and created new conversions, user engagement events and content groupings in Analytics to make data driven improvements. Lastly, we created a custom report in Zoho Analytics to monitor and track progressions.

Discovery Phase of SEO Service

Technical audit

We took the client's website data and ran it through our in-house auditing tool to identify what issues lied underneath. A series of website URLs were identified to have technical SEO issues that need to be addressed. The result of fixing them gave our client's website a much better architecture.

Execution Phase of SEO Service

Content audit

We determined the entire blog section needed to be overhauled. We created detailed healthcare SEO page level recommendation guides and trained their in-house writer how to format content so that it’s optimized for SEO (e.g. headers, alt text, internal links).

Healthcare SEO Website Redesign Phase

Website redesign

Once the site’s traffic starting growing exponentially, we determined that in order to improve conversions, we needed to update the look and feel of the site. We did a complete redesign and relaunched the site on WordPress.

Healthcare SEO Local Maps Ranking Phase

Rank on Google Maps

Showing up on local map packs is the easiest way for a politician office to get aware. This is a great way for your political organization to reach more potential community members in your area.

Political SEO Link Outreach Phase

Link outreach

Once we updated and improved the content, we proactively reached out for links. Since a lot of admissions information is cyclical, it needs to be updated annually. We looked for sites linking to outdated content and pitched them to link to our up-to-date information.

The Results

Phenomenal healthcare SEO work done right

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