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11 Best ClickFunnels Review & Reasons: Why It’s an Awesome Sales Funnel Software (2019)

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ClickFunnels – built by one of the Entrepreneurs of the year 2018 under the Technology & Science category is Russell Brunson according to Utah Business.  

As co-founder of the software company ClickFunnels, he is currently helping more than 60,000 entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

Let’s tackle how powerful this technology is and everything else you need to know about Sales Funnels.


Table of Contents

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What is a Sales Funnel?


  • Sales funnels are marketing campaigns with multiple steps. Sometimes referred to as marketing funnels or conversion funnels, each step is designed to bring consumers to the next one.

The final goal is typically to make a sale.


What is ClickFunnels?


  • is a great program with tons of great features for quickly building a sales funnel. It may scare off some new to internet marketing but I can tell you that if you did use this as an online marketing beginner it would help add some missing pieces to the puzzle and help you slowly figure out fundamentally how internet marketing is done.  If you did this you would have 10x times better looking pages and better knowledge than if you just tried to figure out everything and build it and host it all yourself.


What does ClickFunnels do?


  • is an all in one software design to build your sales funnel for your product or services. Clickfunnels is perfect for all business such as selling physical products and also services. Funnels are equivalent to replicating your best salesperson and walking through your store.

Clickfunnels actually replaces a large range of software. It is a website builder with a user friendly drag and drop editor to design perfect sites, shopping carts, membership sites, and so much more


What features I love in ClickFunnels?

Feature #1: Funnel template blueprints

– each funnel type has its own set of free templates and paid templates. So even if you don’t have any design skills, your funnel pages will all have a consistent, professional design.

Feature #2: Great Visual Drag and Drop Editor

– it is extremely functional with some advanced tools included. Mastering the editor truly only take a few minutes. You can drag and drop elements, rows, and sections right on the page anywhere you want it right from the side panel. The editing panel for editing have been redesigned and cleaned up. Separated into three parts. Settings, Themes, and advanced to make it easier to find what you need.


Feature #3: Huge Selection of Page Elements

– when you add one, you have the ability to select what type of page it will be. Each funnel type has its own set of free templates and paid templates. So even if you don’t have any design skills, your funnel pages will all have a consistent, professional design. ClickFunnels includes a number of advanced elements like:


SMS Signup


Pricing Tables

Progress Bars

Facebook Comments

FAQ Blocks

Countdown Timers

Custom HTML


Feature #4: Share funnels to others

-you can use your sales funnel to attract leads and give your sales funnel to your downline using a “share funnel”. That way they can use the same sales funnel as you to attract leads. A lot of people are making money using this ClickFunnels affiliate program.

Feature #5: Fantastic onboarding process


-what’s good about this technology is that you will never be left behind. It will guide you from step one up to the last to make sure it’s worth unlike other products who’s only after a sale.

What I don’t like about ClickFunnels?


  • It’s more software you’ll have to spend time learning and can be confusing if you are a novice internet marketer. When ClickFunnels goes down, so does your landing pages, support is top notch, but can take a couple hours to respond. URLS can be funky if you are not using a custom domain. Some of the cons are pretty nitpicky, including the URLs being messy, but that’s more of a personal preference than anything. I know there are lots of other landing page builders that people will use, including Thrive Architect by Thrive Themes. For me, I’ve found the funnel step integration to be some of the easiest funnel software to design though.

Dislike #1: Slow processing speed

For some reason, after choosing your funnel type and template, it needs to get added to your account which seems to take around 8-10 seconds every time. Not sure what’s going on behind it but doesn’t feel good to wait.


Dislike #2: Limited funnels and visitors

If you are just building sales funnels for yourself, 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors on their cheapest plan would be a good one for you. However, it may not fit at these limitations if you are doing client work, building funnels for multiple customers, or promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate using share funnels.


Dislike #3: Data is stored in ClickFunnels server

I am just not comfortable knowing that this is one of their policies. Your data is stored through ClickFunnels’s data storage, databases and the general ClickFunnels application. They store your data on a secure server behind a firewall.


Who’s behind ClickFunnels?

I know I already mentioned this at the start but..

  • Russell Brunson is the founder of ClickFunnels, which provides an easy way to market, sell or deliver products online.

In college, Mr. Brunson was a top 10 NCAA wrestler for Boise State while also trying to start his own business. He had his first success as an online marketer selling potato gun DVDs, which launched him into the world of Internet Marketing. But entrepreneurial success didn’t always come easy, and the economic recession hit Mr. Brunson hard. In an effort to salvage his company and bring a new sales funnel to life, he co-founded Clickfunnels, an all-in-one marketing solution, in September of 2014. Within ClickFunnels, Mr. Brunson has worked to build a strong culture that promotes intrapreneurial success, as well as fostering a community of personal growth and development.


ClickFunnels pricing


  • Try ClickFunnels for free for 14 days. ClickFunnels pricing depends on your company’s needs. Good thing is, you can tell them your goal and they’ll show you what Funnel you need and they’ll give you their highest converting Funnel templates for FREE! ClickFunnels templates can do a lot of amazing things… Instead of having your marketing and sales stuff scattered all over the place… ClickFunnels brings all of your digital marketing needs under one roof.  After the free trial, price ranges from $97 up to $297 per month.


What else do you need to know about ClickFunnels?


ClickFunnels Support

If you get their standard plan you receive email support, their pro plan provides live chat and the advanced plan receive all this and phone support (as well as a 1-on-1 call to get started) although a little slow in responding.


Do I get a free domain from ClickFunnels?

One nice bonus that I didn’t know about is that ClickFunnels will buy you your first domain name for free and even set up SSL on it for you. Your funnel url will look something like can learn how to do this from the first game in the onboarding training.


Is there an active community in ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels has an enormous community. There’s the official group on FB with over 100k members and the ClickFunnels Avengers FB group (for affiliates) that has over 30k members. Both groups are extremely active and it’s a great place to get answers to get feedback on your sales funnels and answer any questions you may have.  There are also several other FB groups run by ClickFunnels affiliates which are also very active.


What integrations do they have?

Actionetics is the very own email service provider of ClickFunnels but integrates directly with all the best email marketing software out there. Stripe, Paypal, Clickbank, Infusionsoft, and a few others are the payment gateways integrated by ClickFunnels.


What is the Funnel Hacks system?

Funnel Hacks is an all-in-one solution teaching you how to ethically copy people’s funnels, clone their funnels and then get traffic to your funnels. It also includes a 6 months subscription to Clickfunnels. Ever since Funnel Hacks was released, it was one of the most complete solution by Clickfunnels…. Until recently when Russell released a new course called Funnel Builder Secrets.

This package includes the Funnel Hacks training as well, as well as bundling many cool new stuff along with more training to help you succeed.


Is ClickFunnels a scam?

No. ClickFunnels is definitely a real deal. A legit one if I may say. This makes the software good for both beginners, who don’t need to know a single line of code to build professional funnels and landing pages, and more advanced internet marketers, who have better things to do than spend hours upon hours building sales funnels.


ClickFunnels affiliate program


  • The clickfunnels affiliate program works the same way as any other. You promote the product with your link, to people that would be interested in it. If somebody purchases through your link you will earn a commission from it. In this case, you would be promoting to marketers, businesses etc, that could use sales funnels in their businesses to increase ROI.


How do I make ClickFunnels work for me?


  • Unlike competitor products which allow you create single standalone pages, ClickFunnels is all about building different types of marketing funnels which you can set depending on your company’s goals and needs and that will truly make your way for it to work for you. So make sure to have a product or service to sell. If you don’t have something to sell, then don’t even bother looking into ClickFunnels before you do. Unless you just want to promote it as an affiliate.


ClickFunnels Alternatives & Competitions


  • Unbounce – Being able to build optimised landing pages quickly and effectively with simple ability to match design guides to clients needs and create something unique every time. Particularly useful if the client isn’t already on a software with built-in landing pages
  • Instapage – has been a quick, easy option to create and manage all our landing pages in one place without having to know any code, but also having code as an option for those who do. The ability to add our own tracking codes as well as track inside Instapage itself has been a big help as well.
  • Landingi – lets us create landing pages quickly. We can use them for promotions, events and to gather user and market information. It’s been a great tool to promote meetings and events that would later lead to us collecting data.


Final Thoughts


With its ability to create complete sales funnels and it’s easy to use and powerful editor, ClickFunnels provides a clear challenge to LeadPages’ place as the best landing page builder. It presents multiple opportunities for growth, especially for people with online businesses. It is easy to use. Within a short period, you will notice considerable growth in your business. The Affiliate program offers a fantastic opportunity to earn a solid income from a much needed product in the market. I highly recommend you add this affiliate program to your arsenal.

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