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10X Secrets Masterclass – The Secret to $3.2 Million Sales in 90 Minutes – Overviews & Pricing

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10X Secrets Masterclass sounds very familiar for many entrepreneurs out there, doesn’t it?

Well, mostly I think it’s the first word “10X” that gives away the clue.

Now if you’re thinking what I’m thinking right now, then I’m sure you know who I’m talking about…

That is Grant Cardone and his 10X Academy and other related products.

And last year, ClickFunnels’ Co-Founder and one of the best sales funnel guy, Russell Brunson was invited to do a presentation in Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference event.

10X Secrets Russell Brunson Walking

He was actually ‘suggested’ by Grant to try and sell $1 Million Dollars at that night, jokingly…

But little did they know that Russell did not sell $1 Million Dollars…

No…he sold more than $3.2 Million Dollars under 90 minutes that night!!!!

That’s crazy right!?

I’d want to make $3.2 Million Dollars too!!

Maybe even in 90 days…(I’m NOT greedy at all…)

This might just happen because Russell Brunson is sharing his 10X Secrets Masterclass starting November 8th and ending November 20th, 2018.

You’ll be fascinated by how much you will learn from this.

But, before I go into more detail about it, let’s watch the trailer below:

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Table of Contents:

    1. Overview of 10X Secrets Masterclass


    1. What is 10X Secrets Masterclass


    1. Who needs to join the Masterclass?


    1. How long is the Masterclass going to run for?


    1. 10X Secrets Masterclass Prices & Bonuses from Russell Brunson


  1. Conclusion


Overview of 10X Secrets Masterclass

10X Secrets Masterclass Banner

Name: 10X Secrets Masterclass

Sign-Up Page: Click Here to Sign Up for 10X Secrets Masterclass

Launch Day: November 8th, 2018

Price: $297 USD (Click here to buy + Free 10X Growth Con 2019 Ticket) + “Optional” Upsells of $97, $297, $497.

Who’s it For: This is best suitable for anyone that has trouble selling their ideas, products, or services: both online or offline. 

What is 10X Secrets Masterclass

If you got to this far, then you must have read my intro about Russell’s amazing score at Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference Event last February.

If you don’t remember, let me remind you a bit…

10X Secrets Russell Brunson On Stage

He did $3.2 Million Dollars in sales within 90 minutes of his presentation that night!

Right after his presentation, Grant and his team basically went crazy and wanted Russell to share his secrets of achieving such crazy record (probably world’s biggest sales?).

So rather just doing this privately, Russell decided to share his secrets with as many people as possible in the form of a webinar.

This was originally offered only to those who bought his ClickFunnels deals at the 10X Conference Event, totally private, 6-hours training.

It is the exact step-by-step process that he prepared so hard and got the result of $3.2 Million Dollars sale in 90 minutes.

10X Secrets Masterclass Bundle

Within this training, you’ll get literally everything from:

    • The Sales Psychology that Russell used during the presentation


    • The precise sequence and scripting that was used.


  • And also the micro-commitments, pacing and offer structure.

But he didn’t stop there…cuz he added a whole bunch more bonuses in this masterclass!

That’s why he called this the 10X Secrets Masterclass 😉

So let me break it down what you actually get in this webinar training…

It’s going to be taught in 3 sections with a total of over 5.5 hours of trainings.

You’ll learn and master everything below, ok?

10X Secrets Masterclass Logo Long

10X Secrets Masterclass Section 1: Create an Irresistible Offer

In this first section, he will teach you how to create an irresistible offer.

You’ll learn the step-by-step process of creating something your dream customers will not be able to refuse and buy from you.

He will show you exactly how to:

    • How to find a niche where you don’t worry about competitors. This is what they call ” Blue Ocean” and you will learn about how to create it.


    • There’s absolutely zero advantage to having the 2nd cheapest product out there. So they will teach you how to get OUT of the bank-breaking “race-to-the-bottom” price wars.


  • How to offer your product and your audience will pull out their credit cards and buy, buy and buy!

10X Secrets Masterclass Session 3

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10X Secrets Masterclass Logo Long

10X Secrets Masterclass Section 2: The Perfect Webinar

Russell Brunson LOVES to create webinars!

It’s how he’s able to sell thousands of dollars worth of products.

So in this section, he will break down what did he actually say in his speech to make them jump up and BUY the products.

Can you imagine to have every single words spelled out for you?

Everything you need to sell is being mapped out for you ahead of time?

Well, this is where you’ll love Russell Brunson’s teaching style.

Russell Brunson will teach you how to weave all the crucial sales-elements into your presentation, such as:

    • Create a sexy HOOK that keeps your visitors watching over 2 minutes in the first time.


  • Structure the BIG DOMINO in your presentation that helps your viewer believe EVERYTHING and do correctly what you tell

10X Secrets Masterclass Session 2

Get Your 10X Secrets Masterclass Ticket Today >

10X Secrets Masterclass Logo Long

10X Secrets Masterclass Section 3: How Russell Brunson Made $3.2 Million Dollars in 90 Minutes?

This is Russell’s favorite section (directly quoted from him) by far.

He takes us behind the curtain and share the REAL secrets that nobody in the audience even picked up on (but makes a HUGE difference in selling).

If you have watched his presentation at February 2018’s 10X Growth Con, you’ll probably wonder why he had:

  • everyone pull out their phone, and turn on their flashlight…
  • told so many personal stories and what each one of those stories PROVE to the audience
  • got the audience to come to their OWN “aha” moment
  • not broken down each module of what they’re going to get at the end
  • and many more…

10X Secrets Masterclass Session 3

Get Your 10X Secrets Masterclass Ticket Today >

Who needs to join the Masterclass?

Whether you’re just starting your entrepreneurship life or you’ve been in business for a while now, or you’re one of the profession below:

    • Brick and mortar business owners wanting to take their business online


    • Blogging/Affiliate/Network marketing want to generate lead and make money online.


    • Business to Business consultant


    • E-Commerce website owner


  • And much more…

If you’re in business, then you need to generate traffic, convert and sell online.

Then you absolutely will need to get into this program.

Russell Brunson will teach you how to create your mass movement and share your message to your audience.

Heck, if you go into the 10X Secrets Masterclas RIGHT NOW, you’ll learn that there are several million dollars deal selling the strangest things!

You just need to “copy” and deploy their detailed, carefully choreographed strategy from A to Z – and use it to generate massive sales and income.

How long is the Masterclass going to run for?

This event is only for short period of time…

It’s starting at November 8th and ending on the 20th.

Once it hits midnight on the 20th of November, 2018, then this offer is gone FOREVER.

So, don’t wait…

Get Your 10X Secrets Masterclass Ticket Today >

10X Secrets Masterclass Prices & Bonuses from Russell Brunson

10X Secrets Masterclass Price Chart


Before you get to the bonuses, you’ll pay only $297 USD to attend the 10X Secrets Masterclass.

Once you purchased it, you’ll have a ONE-TIME ONLY chance to get all of the 10X Secrets Slides for just $97 USD.

Then, you’ll also be able to get the 10X Closing Secrets Course for $297 USD (Russell interviewed 7 amazing entrepreneurs and their businesses, and explain it explicitly).

Lastly, for just $497 USD, you’ll be able to attend the The Virtual FHAT (Funnel Hack A Thon), where he will walk you through the process of making a sales funnel.

10X Secrets Bonus 1 - Swipe File   10X Secrets Bonus 3 - Perfect Webinar Funnel 10X Secrets Bonus 2 - Perfect Webinar Hack10X Secrets Bonus 4 - Story Selling Secrets10X Secrets Bonus 5 - Marketing Choreography

See the above 5 Bonuses?

If you want to know what they really are, then get your 10x Secrets Master Class NOW and find out yourself!


Those are some information about 10X Secrets Masterclass.

If you are a business owner, management, marketers,… you need to attend it.

If you have read DotCom Secrets book and Expert Secrets book before. Or you join any training class of Russell.

It’s awesome!

Now, click here to visit the page and sign-up >

He will notify you with important detail when the masterclass launch!

If they have new information I will update you.  

Before you leave, watch the video that Russell presentation at 10x Growth event in 2017 below:

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